zacha sculpture garden

The Commemorative Walkway

Bill Zacha



Buy a tile in the Zacha Sculpture Garden Commemorative Walkway and become a part of Mendocino Art Center history. When you purchase an engraved tile you will ensure a permanent remembrance of a friend, a loved one, a pet, or commemorate a personal experience at the Art Center.


The Zacha Sculpture Garden Commemorative Walkway
honors our founders, Bill and Jennie Zacha. A bronze bust of Bill Zacha, at the entrance to the walkway, leads into the beautifully landscaped courtyard, which is surrounded by art studios and paved with personalized tiles and sculptures.

To order a tile please call 707 937-5818 ext. 10 (toll free 1-800-653-3328 ext. 10) or email our Registrar.

Visit Zacha's Bay Window Gallery to see Bill Zacha's art work and to learn more about the Mendocino Art Center's founder.