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All classes are open for enrollment unless otherwise noted.


Summer Classes
Just Announced!

Shelby B. Smith
Fiber Arts
Summer Classes
Just Announced!

Kiranada Benjamin Sterling
Fine Art
Summer Classes
Just Announced!

Brian Davis

Summer Classes
Just Announced!

Suellen Fowler

Summer Classes
Just Announced!


Artists in Residence Program

Register online or call
707 937-5818, ext. 10 • toll-free 800 653-3328, ext. 10
Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

Places to stay, eat and shop
in Mendocino County

North Coast Brewing Company


The Woods


Stanford Inn By the Sea



KOZT, The Coast


Albion River Inn


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
Little River Inn


The Higlight Gallery
Skunk Train


Racines and Spunky Skunk
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse


Mendocino Theatre Company


Gloriana Musical Theatre
Wagner Photo Art


Mendocino Sandpiper Jewelry and Gifts
Moore Used Books


Alegria Oceanfront Inn & Cottages
Symphony of the Redwoods
Raku House Inn
Surf and Sand Lodge



Beach House Inn  
Cynthia Myers Glass

Mendo Lake Credit Union


Banner Image: Larry R. Wagner - Wagner Photo Art




Adams, Jacque – Youth Arts
Adams, Jacque – May
Beiner, Susan
Champagne, Eva
Greenleaf, Judith
Glover, Cliff – May
Glover, Cliff – June
Glover, Cliff – August
Gray, Jackson
Gregor, Michelle
Kitts, Bruce
Lancet, Marc
Lesch-Middelton, Forrest
Lewycky, Rocky
Mittl, Alissa
Nelson, Amber – June
Nelson, Amber – July
Nelson, Amber – August
Ransom, Brian
Regan, Yon
Smith, Shelby B.
Wood, Lynn
Zdrazil, Dave

Fiber Arts
Adeyemo, Gasali
Benjamin, Kiranada Sterling
    – June 11-13

Benjamin, Kiranada Sterling
    – June 15-18

Dunnewold, Jane
Goldberg, Tricia
Hedstrom, Ana Lisa
Lee, Youngmin
Mayakis, Pavlos – July
Mayakis, Pavlos – August
McCormic, Mickie
Punch, Suzanne – July 8-9
Punch, Suzanne – July 10-12
Russell, Sam
Sinner, Lauren – July 21-22
Sinner, Lauren – July 23-24
Smith, Merridee Joan
Wagner, Sandra

Fine Art
Abshear, Debbie
Burridge, Bob – July 10-14
Burridge, Bob – July 17-21
Campbell, Mary-Ellen
Collins, Nancy – May
Collins, Nancy – July
Eanes, Mark
Davis, Brian
Dertner, Erin
Dombrowski, Dale
Donohue, Kate
Gimby-Bougerol, Lynn
Gray-Weihman, Carole
Hall, Susan Elwart
Hewitt, John
Jiang, Wayne
Kaufman, Cat
Klein, Evelyn
Kratter, Paul
Laitinen, Dale
LeGault, Karen
Lord, Carolyn
Magovern, Peggy – May
Magovern, Peggy – August
Mayakis, Pavlos
Moore, Phawnda
O'Connor, Birgit
Oppenheimer, Sandy
Osborne, Patricia Martin
Post, Sara
Reardon, Michael
Reiss, Arlene
Sullivan, Jacqueline
Vodden, Jeannie
Watson, Donna
Weitzman, David
White, Mira M.

Boylan, Tom
Burris, Eric
Cornacchia, John
Driver, Dana
Coryell, Ronda
Enterline, Sandra
Fowler, Suellen
Gardner, Nancy
Georgantes, Jeff
Holschuh, Brandon
Harvin-Kennington, Andrea
Lee, Mary Neuer
Lewy, Gerry
Mann, Thomas
Mitchell, Valerie
O'Connor, Harold
Park, Jennifer Jordan
Pendro, Trevi Alohilani
Pendro, Trevi Alohilani –
    Youth Metals

Pickard, Ron
Pratt, Jeanie
Pugh, Suzanne
Revere, Alan
Shimpock, Rachel
Simon, Harlan

Adams, Jacque
Black, Craig M.
Greenleaf, Judith
Gregor, Michelle
Jones, Elder
Regan, Yon

Membership Discounts
It pays to be a Mendocino Art Center member! Current MAC members may take 10% off each class registration.

Online Registration
You should receive a written confirmation by mail within 10 days.

Refunds and Cancellations
Cancellations must be made in writing, either by mail or email. If you notify us at least 21 days prior to the first class meeting, unless otherwise specified for certain classes, you will receive a refund of tuition less a $45 cancellation fee. No refunds will be made after that date for any reason due to our contractual obligations and material acquisitions. If the Art Center is compelled to cancel a class you will receive a full tuition refund. Memberships are non-refundable as they are considered a donation to the Art Center.

Registration Fee
There is a registration fee of $45 for each class for non-members. Current members do not pay a registration fee.

Enrollment Policies
• Classes cannot be prorated.

• Class tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

• Classes may be open to students under the age of 18 with prior approval.