teaching opportunities

The Mendocino Art Center has earned a national and international reputation for teaching excellence in the arts which attracts an impressive selection of renowned visiting faculty members from all over the U.S. and beyond. But it is MAC's unique personality and location, which make it the most enjoyable and rewarding teaching experience imaginable.

Teaching at the Mendocino Art Center is an incredible opportunity for sharing your artistic process, for dialoguing with other artists, for developing camaraderie based on a shared passion for art as well as for spiritual renewal. Mendocino's Victorian architecture erupts with charming water towers positioned against the rugged headlands with spectacular ocean views on three sides. It is simultaneously a quiet village with excellent restaurants, shops and galleries and a retreat with meditative gardens and quiet paths for wandering the headlands and inhaling the fresh sea air.

Beneath the tranquil exterior of the Mendocino Art Center, there is a constant stream of creativity ebbing and flowing through the studios as artists of all levels come here to renew their creative spirit and create art.

If you would like to join us in this special place and share your artistic talents and vision with others, please contact the appropriate coordinator:

Ian Hazard-Bill, Ceramics Coordinator

Linda Cloonan, Fiber Arts Coordinator

Arlene Reiss, Fine Art Coordinator

Nancy Gardner, Jewelry/Metal Arts Coordinator