the mendocino area

Mendocino Village

Naked Ladies by Mariko Irie — Mendocino, California

A visual, spiritual, art lover's paradise; Mendocino village is located along the rugged Northern California coast. The climate is surprisingly moderate and the light ideal for painting and photography, as well as most outdoor art and sporting activities.

There's no hustle or bustle. The closest fast-foods, big box stores and chains are miles away. Instead, the compact little ocean-front village features small markets, intimate restaurants, delis, an historic hotel, B&Bs, Inns and many art galleries — all within easy walking distance from each other and the Art Center.


Fort Bragg & Surrounding Area

The 47-acre Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is just 10 minutes from the Art Center and offers year-round beauty and walking pleasure. Sierra Railroad's Skunk Train, a restored steam passenger train with open viewing cars will take you from Fort Bragg to Willits through the beautiful and majestic redwoods. In addition, numerous State Parks and Beaches provide wonderful opportunities for exploring the coast.

noyo harborNoyo Harbor by Herb Steiniger
Fort Bragg, California


The Mendocino area is renowned for its fishing, surfing and abalone diving. For more information contact the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce at 707 961-6300 or








C0ast Headlands by Joe Janisch