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March 6–29, 2020

Button Quinn
"Sea, Silver and Land"

Button Quinn Button Quinn


I have lived most of my life by the Sea. In the last six years I have painted seascapes, addicted to the silver light on the surface of the Sea. Silver Leaf was my helping hand.



I started knitting the Kelp, with my Grandkids on Big River Beach, in Mendocino. The love of Traditions, or rather the loss of it drove me to find a way to bring these old traditions together.

In the old days we knitted baby shawls, hats, booties and sweaters, now we buy it all. We don't sit quietly busy with our hands, most have taken up those hours with iPhones and laptops.

Seaweed was collected for baskets and for eating by the Native Americans of the West Pacific Coast. Western Society put an end to that, and now with Global Warming the Kelp on the Pacific Coast has almost disappeared, the days of bountiful piles of Kelp have gone. In three years there are just a few token bull kelp washed up, more like a hint of what there was. Saving traditions demanded I save it by Knitting the Sea. Knitting the memories.

Button Quinn

BUTTON QUINN is an English/American painter, she is currently living and working in Mendocino.

At two years old the English/American/Irish family returned to Somerset England where Button spent her early childhood and teen years. Button is the seventh daughter of ten siblings. Growing up with an Inventor father and Ballet Dancer mother, She developed a passion for art early on, began painting as soon as she could hold a brush.

She studied under Dame Sybil Thorndike at the Birmingham Theater School, studying Drama, Dance and Costume Design.
Joined Robert Brothers Circus, England, became a Trapeze Artist.

Button has exhibited, lived and traveled extensively in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US; many of Button's paintings are in private collections.

She studied Etching, at the College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, California.

Button’s other artistic venues include theatre, fashion and design, hand sewn and hand painted kimonos, antique textile restoration, silk screening, batik, Trompe-L’oeil and Faux painting, metal and wood sculpture.

Button has also restored an old farm and planted Lavender on the Island of Sifnos, Greece, producing Lavender Oil and also giving Art lessons to the local children.
At present Button Quinn is painting the Land and Sea on the Mendocino Coast, California.

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