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August 1 – September 15, 2018

Ren Riley & Erika Kohr Island
Show Me

Ren Riley
Ren Riley
Ren Riley
Erika Kohr Island


Ren Riley

Everyday life inspires me to make things. I am more of a visual person than literal, so expressing myself through my artwork gives me great satisfaction. I don’t feel constrained into any one kind of media so I like to investigate and experiment with different materials.

A chair, an everyday object that one uses everyday without much thought gets transformed into a narrative theme. I’m hoping to rouse a response from the viewer that comes out of their own experience. Some have nostalgia in them of a place or idea that I think most people have experienced. Many of the chairs are about the times that we live in, and how I perceive the culture responding to them. I see chairs as having their own personality. With that I look for something in them that communicates an idea of what their structure can evolve into. Then I start knitting the idea around them.

The fabric wall pieces are abstract juxtapositions of shapes and colors placed along side each other to form conversations unto themselves.

Ren Riley

REN RILEY has spent most of her life in Chicago, receiving a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. She moved to Mendocino eight years ago. She has collected, restored and exhibited antique American quilts, focusing on African American quilts for 35 years. The quilts were shown In New York Outsider show with the Ricco Maresca Gallery, 2006; Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo, 2007; Mingei Museum in San Diego, 2011; Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington, 2012; Smithsonian, 2015 (they have acquired 56 pieces from this collection); High Museum of Art in Atlanta, 2017 (they acquired 24 from this collection); and Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin, 2017.

Corrine has had shows at Perimeter Gallery, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center, Intuit Gallery, and Hyde Park Art Center, all in Chicago; NorthCoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg; Odd Fellows AIM show in Mendocino; The NeuwPolitic at Petaluma Arts Center; and the San Juan Museum in Washington state.

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Erika Kohr Island

My work in sculpted glass and hand carved wood is both narrative and metaphorical.  My introverted tendencies have often left me feeling clumsy and less equipped to fully express myself with words. In glass and wood I have found that I can process and express my thoughts and feelings with the work of my hands. I see my artwork as a visual story; as a way to tell a story that I may not have the words to tell. Thus, the "Show Me" show. 

Influenced by the North Coast of California I've found myself exploring maritime imagery as metaphor. Mermaids in my work describe a sense of having two feet in two very different worlds; such as in the balancing of family life and career. The image of fishermen and crab floats in my work, speaks of a relentless commitment to one’s life work, and to a willingness to show up to that purpose over and over again regardless of outcome. 

My most recent body of work entitled Out on the Ice is born of a personal response to profound loss. Having lost both my cherished mother and father in a very short period, Out on the Ice explores the otherworldly state of vulnerability and isolation that can follow life's largest losses. Profound loss often implies a loss within one's support network or loss of a key player in the matrix of one's life; thus increasing the loss by simultaneously losing the very support network a person would turn to during these particularly stressful times. This shifting of roles in family or community placement can feel like the shifting of ice beneath one's feet.

My work explores intimacy, emotion and our interconnectedness to nature.

Erika Island Kohr

ERIKA KOHR ISLAND is an artist working primarily in handblown and sculpted glass as well as carved wood. She and her family make their home among the redwoods of the Mendocino Coast where she also operates a small glass artist studio.

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