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2nd Saturday Reception: August 9, 5 pm – 8 pm

August 1 – September 5, 2014


Jan Ramsey
"Chasing the Dawn"

Jan Ramsey, Benediction
Benediction (Mendocino Headlands)
Jan Ramsey, Early Moon Rise
Early Moon Rise (Mendocino)


One of my favorite places to be when I was a child was on a platform I built in the branches of the eucalyptus tree in my backyard. From my high perch I liked to watch the last rays of light at day's end, but more importantly I loved being awakened before dawn, by chattering birds, so that I caught the earliest glow of dawn. All the rest of the hours of the day and night became the special wrapping paper around precious dusk and dawn. Each moment was full of delightful expectation as I watched the angle of light move throughout the day.

The nature writer, Annie Dillard wrote, "Imaginative acts – even purely mental combinations, like the thought that a certain cloud resembles a top hat – carry real weight in the universe."

My formal art education started at USC in 1970, while I studied chemistry, and formalized with a BFA from Cardinal Stritch University, in Milwaukee. I came back to California in 1990 with my husband and daughter and got an MA from Humboldt State University in social work and art therapy. I have been an art coach for children and adults for 30 years. It is important to me that in my art and in my life I try to help others feel that their own lives are works of priceless art.

— Jan Ramsey

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Jan Ramsey, Mendocino Homestead
Mendocino Homestead
Jan Ramsey, The Estuary
The Estuary