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October 1–31, 2015

Leslie Rich
"Beauty Along the Way"

Leslie Rich, Pink Martini
"Pink Martini"
Leslie Rich, It Reminds Me of
"It Reminds Me of..."

Lately when I find myself sketching and painting, something that I do every day, I’ve been asking myself, “Why? Why are you painting this particular subject? I also ask myself, “What? What do you want to say with this painting?” Usually this process is quite unconscious. By bringing it forward I’ve learned some things about myself.

The answer to both questions is “Beauty.” I am drawn to many subjects but what they all have in common is my perception of beauty, whether it be the color, the light and shadow, the line, the shape, or some combination of these elements. Through my painting, I hope to inspire viewers to appreciate this beautiful world in which we live.

— Leslie Rich


Leslie Rich, Close Up
"Close Up"
Leslie Rich, Luscious


LESLIE RICH was born and raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia. During college at UVA she discovered, among other things, that she loved clean mountain air and twinkling stars in the vast night sky. After a three-month meandering exploration of the U.S., Leslie landed in California and never looked back. She found her way to the Monterey Peninsula where she worked in restaurants and bakeries and met her future husband. Fleeing the fog, Mendocino County became their new home. They arrived in the small town of Willits, not knowing a soul, but after opening Just Good Food Café and Bakery they quickly found their new circle of friends.

Thirty-five years later, the artist is still living on a winding dirt road, off-the-grid, on a mountainous twenty acres. Her two children are grown and gone. Seven years ago Leslie enrolled in a watercolor class at the community college, and so began her exhilarating and sometimes frustrating relationship with watercolor. 

Leslie’s paintings are in private collections around the country. She has had numerous one-woman shows and her work has been included in and won awards in many juried shows.

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