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January 4 – February 3, 2019

Second Saturday Gallery Reception: January 12, 5 pm – 8 pm
The Mendocino Art Center hosts a free Second Saturday Artists Reception each month. Enjoy snacks and wine, and meet the exhibiting artists. Also meet the 2018/19 Artists in Residence, watch them work and view new works created in the Mendocino Art Center studios.

Members' Juried Exhibit
Open Theme & Ocean Theme

Juried by Miriam Davis & Karen Bowers

Rachel Binah
2019 Members' Juried Exhibit Best in Show:
Rachel Binah, "Dispersed – The Folly of Thinking Oil Spills Can Be Cleaned Up," paper

Every January, the Mendocino Art Center celebrates the creativity of its member artists with the all-media Members’ Juried Exhibit. A highly competitive juried selection process leads to an exceptionally creative, high quality, and much anticipated gallery showing with a wide spectrum of artwork, including paintings, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry, photography, mixed media works and more. Mendocino Coast artists Karen Bowers and Miriam Davis juried the exhibit.

This year, artists were given the opportunity to create art in any theme they desired, and/or submit ocean-themed artwork, expressing their love or concern for the ocean. The ocean-themed portion of the exhibit is presented in conjunction with our friends at five other Mendocino Coast art galleries who are also exhibiting ocean-themed art, including Artists’ Collective in Elk, Artists’ Co-op of Mendocino, Glass fire Gallery, Northcoast Artists’ Gallery and Partners Gallery.


David Jenks
First Place, Ocean Theme: David Jenks,
"Sundown Over Mendocino Bay," oil


Priyatam Mudivarti
First Place, Open Theme: Priyatam Mudivarti, "Magdelene," silver gelatin print


L.A. Hyder
Second Place, Ocean Theme: L.A. Hyder, "Cresting Kehoe," photography

Mary T. Anderson
Second Place, Open Theme: Mary T. Anderson, "Rhododendrons in the Mist," solar plate


Pat Scott
Third Place, Ocean Theme: Pat Scott, "Port Tack," alabaster sculpture

Marta Perry MacKenzie
Third Place, Open Theme: Marta Perry MacKenzie, "Immigration," ceramic, various firings, mounted on wood



Miriam Davis, Nothing is Lost
Miriam Davis, "Nothing is Lost"
My paintings seem to be about space, openness, and spatial ambiguity. This is something I have observed in them rather than deliberately created. You can set out with certain goals in mind, and later realize that there was a larger purpose operating there. I improvise with painting, stencil, and stamping on heavy paper or canvas. I use transferred images from maps, my own drawings, text, music, and diagrams from old books. As relationships among elements develop, a narrative evolves which is not held to any literal basis, though undersea or landscape views are sometimes suggested. I may then use oil paints to intensify color and give depth and another layer of reference. My work can be seen at Partners Gallery.

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Karen Bowers, Chasing the Light
Karen Bowers, "Chasing the Light"
Karen Bowers is a local artist known for her unique style and freedom of approach to painting. She began her watercolor education in 1980, taking classes with George Post at the Mendocino Art Center (MAC). Recognized for her abstract interpretations of nature, Karen has earned national and regional awards for her work. Among her achievements, Karen was chosen as an Artist-in-Residence at Yosemite National Park where she exhibited in the Yosemite Museum Gallery. An experienced teacher, Karen has taught watercolor over the last 15 years at MAC, Gualala Arts and in her studio. Her work is exhibited locally at the ArtistsÂ’ Co-Op of Mendocino and Panache Gallery. She is a member of Mendocino Eco Artists and Three Rivers Studios.

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