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2nd Saturday Reception: July 12, 5 pm – 8 pm

July 1–31, 2014


Yarrow Summers

Yarrow Summers, Prayer for Water
"Prayer for Water"
Yarrow Summers, Everlasting Love
"Everlasting Love"


Since I began my journey as a painter ten years ago, I have had the privilege of showing my paintings and jewelry in over two dozen solo and group shows. Four of them have been at the Mendocino Art Center where I sold my very first painting. Most of my shows have had catchy titles but this one does not. It is simply the exploration of the sacred feminine through the lens of my imagination. Guided by the concept of Intentional Creativity and using a technique taught by Shiloh McCloud called Color of Woman, these paintings represent my love of painting the feminine spirit adorned and surrounded by beauty, peacefulness and love.

As an intuitive painter I am intrigued by the alchemical transmutation of paint into art and the magic of color interacting with color. The shadow images that appear out of this process of spontaneous discovery lead me through the creation of a painting or sometimes, an entire series. Composition, color choice and environment evolve spontaneously as I paint. I am inspired not by what I see, but by how I feel when I observe something that touches me deeply. As a woman, I find the rendering of a subtle, graceful gesture, the beauty of a woman’s face and form, and images of birds and flowers to be perfect for the artistic expression of these feelings within the context of my feminine nature.

My paintings are both my own personal stories and the stories of the individuals who experience them. They tell of love, spiritual pursuit, personal journeys, moments of perfect grace, disappointment, loss and finally, hope. They are imagination and life dancing together.

Yarrow Summers


Representing Galleries:
Northcoast Artists Gallery – Fort Bragg, CA
Mendocino Art Center – Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Sandpiper – Mendocino, CA
Icons – Mendocino, CA
Rookie To Gallery – Boonville, CA
Options – Healdsburg, CA


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"The Moon Came to Me"
Yarrow Summers, Dancing on the Wind
"Dancing on the Wind"